Self-Defense Seminars
for Women




Awareness, Intuition, and Boundary setting techniques
*Dealing with fear
*Your body as a weapon
*Defend yourself against various attack scenarios
*Learn techniques to defend against weapons
*How to use the weapons in your environment
* Parent awareness on children self-defense
*Car safety


*Greatly increase self-confidence
*Create a safety-conscious work environment
*Prevent workplace and street conflicts
*Reduce the chance of sexual harassment cases

** Seminars can be held on site **

Learn the Four Rules of Survival!

Verbal Abuse & Stress Defense

V.P. Assault (Verbal Pig)

Armored assailant


Knee Strikes


Boundary Setting Tehniques

Emotionally, Mentally, Verbally, and Physically.

Self-defense is a sense you can develop with proper training and proper technique.
With S.O.L.O., you will be able to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations
and effectively disable a strong attacker.


Did you know?:

*85% of rapists are known to their victims.

*Rape offenders come from all socio-economic groups.


In Stopping Rape:

Successful Survival Strategies sociologists reported that women who were most successful in avoiding rape were those who had studied self-defense. The self-defense trained women had learned to be aware of danger and respond to it earlier than those who had not been taught to anticipate their own responses to dangerous situations.


You don't have to live in fear or be a victim.

Educate yourself and your loved ones.


Call Sensei Tony Calvino for more information.

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